Growing up Belizean in the rough streets of Chicago, PATMAN has gone from being known as a local artist to a nationwide favorite. Captivating audiences all over the country with his energetic, but smooth stage performance.  His music is a reflection of a boy from the streets with dreams of making it out, using the one thing that keeps him going everyday; Music.
PATMAN makes music that is powerful. Depending on which song you listen to, it can change your behavior, situation, and even your life. His music paints a vivid picture of what its like growing up in his neck of the woods. Also letting his listeners know its more to life than what you see everyday. 

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PATMAN 'Son of Chicago' - Real Low | Dir. by @DGainzBeats
PATMAN 'Son of Chicago' - Trust Nobody | Dir. & Prod. @DGainzBeats

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Previous events

DJ Esco Presents Freebandz Party on October 25,

 —  —

Joes on Weed Street, 940 W. Weed St , Chicago, Illinois 60642

PATMAN Performing @ DJ Esco Presents Freebandz Party Freebandz: record label imprint founded by Atlanta-based rapper Future DJ Esco: Future’s official DJ, and a member of the Freeband Gang (FBG), who is also known as EscomoeCity because he’s the self-described “COOLest DJ in the World.” Who else is on the lineup?: DJ NonStop, Sean Mac, DJ VDub, DJ Ray Ray, and DJ Ozone


Belizean Fest

Hawthorne Race Course, 3501 S. Laramie Ave., Cicero, IL

Join us on Sunday August 2, 2015 at Hawthorne Race Course 3501 S. Laramie Ave. Cicero, IL for our 35th Annual Celebration. Time 12pm to 10pm (5 Minutes from Midway Airport)

Belize Day in the Park Information

Admission Prices per person are as follows. $10 Persons 13 and above $3 Children 6 to 12 Children 5 and under are free

10.00 Age limit: All ages

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